I learned that a submissive has the power, that confuses many subs, so here is the explanation that i have.

I knew a slave, named slave josh from LA, he was an amazing slave, powerful in his own right with maybe 80-100 people beneath him at work in a large corporate firm, yet he was a slave in his private life. Why?

As slave josh explained to ME one day, he had been abused by his Uncle when he was of a young age, that Uncle "took" his power away through the sexual misconduct that occurred.  slave josh realized that he needed to take that power back, and then he could decide who he wanted to give that control, that power to in a healthy fashion.

Now it is not that the Uncle "took" the power, but slave josh as a young man felt empty and vulnerable and still controlled somehow by the actions of his Uncle. So he made efforts to confront the Uncle and heal.  By doing so, he was able in his mind, take the power back and feel whole again, something every child should feel when they are growing up.

The reason why submissive are subs is not always clear, but in this particular case slave josh decided that he was a true submissive, and he was clearly a slave, but he needed NOT to be controlled emotionally by the asshole Uncle any longer.

Then slave josh was able to truly submit to his MASTER, as the power and control was slave josh's to give.

A special note, slave josh was instrumental in MY understanding what a sub is, and how a submissive thinks and feels.  I have never been submissive, not a bottom so I had to figure that out before I could be a good SIR and MASTER to some.  A big note of thanks to slave josh's ability and desire to pay forward and help ME, as a SIR, thank you slave josh.

A submissive holds the power, why ?