Negative connotations of the word "slave"

The word "slave" to many people might have bad connotations, but that is not what we are about here. Being a slave is a positive occupation, a rewarding position, and totally consensual.

This is about the delivery of "your" power to a man that you consider worthy of being your ALPHA / DOMINANT / OWNER / MASTER.

There are also many types of "slaves", there are full service slaves, and there are sub groups whose sole focus may just be on one single aspect, such as domestic slaves, sexual slaves, butler slaves, cleaning slaves, toilet slaves, the list can go on....    

Regardless of your wiring and focus, your responsibility is to let your potential SIR or MASTER know what you are wired into.   This allows the MASTER/SIR to take and use your attributes and qualities for HIS pleasure.

Embracing the word "slave" is powerful for some, for others "boy" is more appropriate.  you must choose what you wish to wear (& own), it is supposed to reflect who "you" are.