The Spouse of the submissive

An important piece often forgotten is the spouse of the submissive.  Some of the submissive men in MY family come to ME with being in a long term relationship, but they find something is missing... O/our wiring is O/our wiring and yes W/we can swallow it, and suppress it, but eventually all the deep wiring comes to the surface again.  It did for ME, it does for many, and by that time some are already in long term vanilla type relationships, so what then?

The submissive in MY opinion needs to embrace and engage in their wiring as a submissive with a MASTER outside their primary relationship because that need is not able to be met within their own vanilla relationship.

​But the spouse have lots of insecurities, all normal and they need to be dealt with if you expect the submission to be successful with your MASTER.

W/we try in MY family to include support for Spouses, husbands, boyfriends, partners. To support them in allowing for a successful submission of their spouse, whilst building their own important relationship as the equally important primary partner.

The spouses might get together to hear that other spouses have the same feelings of jealousy, abandonment issues and confusion of "why does my spouse have to go and service a DOM or MASTER?"

The simple reward for the spouse, is that usually after the submissive has a safe place to focus their "submissive side" (and be "used" appropriately") they are happier people and their relationship at home is less on egg shells.(I know from experience that before I embraced who I was and came out to MY PARTNER, the tension within our relationship was horrific and mounting, now there is peace, and I appreciate and love MY partner more and more each day.  MY wish for all subs and their spouses is for their primary relationship to go back to a tension free relationship before it ends in an ugly way, out of anger, frustration and resentment.

Be gentle with your vanilla partner, they just doesn't understand KINK and POWER EXCHANGE, but they "usually" are very good people and should be treated with respect.