Rules & Code of Ethics​

Always being added and amended, to better reflect & embrace the HEALTHY POWER EXCHANGE and create a workable and safe environment in that POWER EXCHANGE.

The Questionnaire from SIR MASTER MARK

Taken from the internet many years ago, I have added and deleted to it over the years, making it MY own.

​The questionnaire is about finding about "you", not about ME.  

There are many questions which have no interest to ME, but they are about "you", so doing some internal soul searching about who "you" are, how "you" are wired, what "your" interests are...

By knowing who "you" are, it allows ME as a SIR / MASTER to take what pleases ME, and use what might pleasure ME.  

I have found that many think that force is everything in BDSM/POWER EXCHANGE, , I do not believe that at all, I believe in a consensual POWER EXCHANGE relationship.  What does that mean?  Well it means respecting your boundaries and limits, but also knowing you well enough that I can push the boundaries a little as well if I need or want to.  But generally speaking I find a variety of qualities in each boy which allows ME to use those specific kinks and wirings to MY benefit.

The benefit of the family concept for SIR, is that while usually no one boy can give ME everything, having a variety of boys in the family allows ME to pick from each what pleases ME.   Each boy is different, has different qualities and expertise, so why would I not take the best from each.  Yes there are many functions and qualities that the boys have which are the same or similar, and just like a potential boyfriend or a husband, some are stronger in one person than another....

So the questionnaire is an important tool and step into knowing who you are, and how you are wired..   This questionnaire is not a public document, and is provided on a one by one basis when I glean that it is reasonable to expect that you may be of value to SIR and are available to be in service to SIR somewhere in the world. Here is the basic view of the criteria of that questionnaire which has approximately 12+ pages of questions in it:


including Rules & expectations

Protocols of SIR MASTER MARK

Every MASTER / SIR has rules and protocols.  They are often verbal in nature, but I choose to have them in written form so that every boy/slave knows exactly what is expected of them.

The protocol list is amended and updated regularly to reflect the new and current wishes of SIR MASTER MARK, and is not on this website, nor available for public consumption.

The full protocol list is given out ONLY after an interview process has occurred and it seems reasonable that you are suitable to serve SIR MASTER MARK.  you may ask why? Because it is about MY intimate thoughts on how I am to be served, and they are MINE, not for copying purposes.  I believe that others who consider themselves dominant in nature should develop their own for them to be of value to themselves and their subsequently their subs.


Looking deep inside yourself