There are many similarities between a Dominant and a MASTER. This can lead to confusion between the two and how much control a submissive/boy/slave will have.  There are fundamental differences in outlook and behaviour between the two.  Here is MY comparison of the styles and control level of each one:

 A Dominant

Will negotiate various sexual acts, negotiate limits, and then begin to “play” with their own idea of what action will occur. They will give orders and enjoy being in control of others, but it is focused in the bedroom not throughout the day. It is a short term contract that is typically devoid of true submissionIt is done to achieve an effect, not a lasting relationship. Negotiations with a Dom will cover what activities they prefer, with you saying “yes or no” to each one. You submit, but do not give up your will.  This is power play, not power exchange. It is the exploration of a power differential, not a power exchange.

A Dom will negotiate so you submit on the short term, and may try to coerce you into submission, to try to take your power, not have you fully submit and offer it. The Dom will want to show you “who is boss”. You will only submit when you choose, and you will talk over what is allowed and what is not.  You will follow some rules, but often in the bedroom only.  Once out of the bedroom there is still a Dominance and submissive feeling, but not as noticeable as it was during play. With a Dom, you submit sequentially and can dictate what happens within each scene.  Your limits for the Dom may change over time, but you will be able to dictate those changes far easier than you would with a MASTER. A Dom tends to be a little harsher in his commands and style, but still focused on wrestling control from you.


 A MASTER feels his dominant nature during every conscious moment of the day. MASTERs are wired to take control, and extend that control to as wide a sphere over your life as they are able. MASTERs see their submissives as owned property and will exert control over most details of your life. A MASTERs  will formally bond with his submissive, and will seek to explore your boundaries and push them for their own pleasure. The MASTER has an emotional investment in you and your development.  There is a dynamic between the two of your that goes beyond the scene.

 A MASTER works with his submissive/boy/slave to receive his submission.  The MASTER will want you to surrender of your own choice, to continue bonding by having you serve them for their pleasure.  You will feel the need to submit, and that feeling will continue throughout the day. You will submit once, giving some/most/or all of the control over your life. With a MASTER, the sub/slave is trained to the MASTER’s taste and changes in service, not with the MASTER being limited greatly in their actions.  Once you negotiate what is allowable with a MASTER, he will choose what pleases him and service will begin.  That power exchange remains, even between sexual action, and there is a continued service that develops over time.  The Dominant/submissive aspect reinforces the relationship and adds to any scene you do together.  When the scene is over, the dynamic is not only still in place, it is reinforced. 

 Both of these titles, and outlook on service, are independent of their skill.  This is a mind set, not a resume.

Others may have a difference of opinion, but for SIR MASTER MARK this is the definition.  The internet will have many options and you need to find what speaks to you, and find the MASTER or DOM that suits you and your wiring.


A "dom" or a "master" who is abusive, is an asshole.  There is NO reason for you to stay, no reason for you to continue, they are neither DOMS, nor MASTERS, they are simply small inferior people who fantasize about being dominant and having power, but have no idea how to hold, manage or yield true power.  MY ADVICE and RECOMMENDATION to you is .... "run, do not look back.. simply run away from them", and dodge the bullet.  Only bad things comes from people who are only in their head thinking they are superior and that you are to be treated in an abusive manner.

Now for the record, that doesn't mean a SIR or a MASTER won't treat you in a manner which is hard or clearly dominant, but they are smart holders of POWER not assholes.... RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE.

Explanation of a MASTER vs Dom