I will be as clear as I can be,

I am interested ONLY in submissive men who are seeking to embrace their submissive personal side in ways other than just in sexual play scenes.

I seek boys and slaves who have gone beyond their own selfish pleasures.

​I seek boys and slaves whose biggest high is to please, and be "in service" not "just of service"

I work within the KINKS and boundaries of each boy, taking what pleases ME to make MY life better.  That list  includes the boy's desire's sexually, his KINKs, his desire's to be in domestic service, for companionship, and his ability to care and need to be loved and cared for too.

As I have responsibilities to keep MY boys safe, you must be honest about your desire to submit to one Master or various Masters.  This is not a game, this is life and this is the lifestyle I seek. If this is not for you, I understand totally and W/we are simply not a good match.

THANK you for reading carefully.