POWER comes naturally to ME, in MY Business, Personal, & Friendships & yes, sexually too. I make the decisions, & yes, I sit at the head of the Board Room table. I determine why, what & where, just like in the Power Exchange I would seek with you.  

I am a young good looking MAN, born in 1957, stocky build, 5’11”, MY weight can fluctuate between 225 and 250 lbs, have a belly, silver hair, blue eyes & glasses. Not slim, nor GQ, just a normal MAN. I am gentle, relaxed, quiet in nature but firm & clear who the MASTER & SIR is in the house. I am not the leather MASTER you see on the Internet, I am just ME, who is consistently clear who is in charge and who is not

Be clear, it is you who will be in service, I am not a service top, & it will be MY COCK & needs to be satisfied, not your "penis". your fantasies will be entertained, but not the focus. 

I have a non-BDSM partner of 23 years (since March 1996) who is very aware of MY Power Exchange/BDSM needs, and be clear you will not have His privileged place. Should he desire one day to use you for his own sexual needs and gratification, you will serve him under MY authority, and will do so because of total loyalty to this SIR.

I enjoy various types of kink  but the Power Exchange is MY main focus. BDSM & fetishes are the tool to create and maintain that Power Exchange. Any photos I might show demonstrate what I seek in the BDSM world of consensual Power Exchange. 

I enjoy the concept of property & you can expect cum control, chastity, MY seed, & enjoying pain from MY tools when I'm in the mood to give it. One of MY core pleasures is to discipline a boy’s ass, then either take his hole, or sit back & be serviced orally in a ritual fashion, slow & methodical, the boy on his knees between MY legs looking up into MY eyes as I deliver MY golden seed.

your job will be to serve, how & when I want you. MY job is to use you & I make no excuse for the focus being on MY pleasure & on MY needs. I am however responsible in keeping you safe, as I do for all property that is owned by ME. That is who I am, and if you are one of MY boys you will be MY focus too.

A slave to ME is not a doormat, he is intelligent, has its own identity, has self worth, while still being constantly engaged in the Power Exchange with ME.  Many don't like the word "slave", while others embrace taking ownership of their power, and providing it the Superior with the label "slave".   There is no wrong, how you see yourself as a sub is how you should be, whether, slave, boy, sub or even "son".

I am not a barking mean MASTER, MY style is quiet, & firm. I am referred to as SIR not Sir, I am addressed as YOU, not you, so if you don't address ME correctly, that is disrespectful and SIR doesn't tolerate that.

There is the other piece about SIR, you as a submissive to MASTER would receive after every session the proper aftercare, you will be happy that we got together.  SIR is a loving and caring person who happens to have a strong dominant side, and the two live well together - LOVING & DOMINANT.

A bit more about the puzzle - Why SIR MASTER MARK?   There is the SIR, There is the MASTER and There is the MARK.  And then they are all three united as one. It is who I am, all three. I am not an actor, I don't put on costumes, i am simply who I am in real life, in and out of the bedroom.

you will find ME usually in a black t-shirt, jeans and running shoes, in the summer, often shorts.  It is rare to see ME in a dinner jacket, unless I am travelling and staying in specific luxury hotels which call for a bit more formality.  So don't have this vision of a MAN running around wearing leather, chains and boots.. though I do own some... I am more comfortable being relaxed and ME...

I think of POWER EXCHANGE to be in a style closer to the "old guard" (if you don't know what that means, google it), I have not been trained in the Old Guard ways, nor do i don't wear leather,  but MY style of POWER EXCHANGE is similar. There is structure, there is protocol, there is clarity in the hierarchies of the world... and in MY world specifically.    I don't purport to know lots about "old guard", but I sense all the participants of years ago in the "old guard" traditions were clear as to their place and their function and their purpose.  it was a group which benefited from like minded thinking when it came to POWER EXCHANGE in their personal lives.

Also, SIR is a private person, so you won't find naked or explicit photos of SIR here, meeting in person is the way you will see who SIR is. By doing so, W/we can be sure that (a) you are real,  (b) you are not one of those loathed cyber hounds, and (c) have real desire to meet. From there it will be O/our journey to find if your place is at MY feet.  Meeting in person also gives you the opportunity to see that SIR is real and authentic, and also allow you to see whether HE is the person you want to bend your knee to....

How does MASTER MARK operate in HIS personal selection process?

​I look for the submissive who

1. is honest with themselves
2. is honest with ME
3. is a 100% bottom or close.
4. yearns to please
5. accepts they need an ALPHA
6. accepts they are not the focus
7. is TPE aware

What is MY optimum submissive

1. he has moved past sub selfishness
2. he seeks service to a MASTER not just a Dom
3. he seeks to be loyal & focused to one MASTER
4. he understands Power Exchange
5. he can be proud to be owned
6. he might be comfortable in an extended family

What's first?

1. Meet for coffee
2. See how you are wired
3. Physical inspection
4. Put you on your knees
5. See if there is real desire

This MASTER seeks the right submissive(s),  who have the desire to please, to join the Family and to serve ME well, as loyal "boys" and "slaves",  where they can embrace their natural wiring and be trained to be even more authentically who they are deep down.