We will start this page with this important information:

SIR MASTER MARK'S Partneris an amazing loving MAN.

He is vanilla by nature, and used to think that monogamy was the way to go.   With a PARTNER whose wiring re-surfaced after many years of being together, MASTER's PARTNER was forced to look at life and decide "with MARK" or "without MARK".  luckily for ME he chose to have a life with MARK and we opened the relationship and I began seeking subs, boys and slaves, with his blessing.

He in fact encouraged ME many years ago, when we were at the fork in the road, and said... "lets get you a boy or a slave".... that is a loving thing to do when you are yourself centered in monogamy and family style with a white picket fence, two car garage.....  So I owe HIM a lot.

Now MY boys find him to be an amazingly good looking man with a heart of gold.  By MASTER's MARK's decree and agreement with Partner,  MASTER's PARTNER has the right to be serviced by any of MASTER's boys in the family.  That is the rule.  And yes he is also a TOP, which means there is a lot of that happening if you are a boy, slave in MY family.

Now back to MASTER'S PARTNER, he is tall, slender, fit,  a real blonde and 3 years younger than I am. He likes to hike, walk and be in nature.  He is an amazing man inside and out. But.... HE is not dominant, HE is not a MASTER, HE is just who HE is, a wonderful and loving man.

I will not speak much more about HIM, as that is his to share, and he does when you are chosen to be in the family, but until then you only need to know he is a QUALITY MAN, who is loved by all.