A son and Daddy type relationship is a type of Power Exchange Relationship.   However the difference between a "son" and a "boy" is that the son seeks direction, and guidance with his Dad.  The son acts out, he is immature, he needs parental guidance.  It is a lot of work for the "Dad".  There is a needed emotional connection between the "Daddy" and the "son".

The boy in a Power Exchange Relationship on the other hand is already an "adult" in their behaviour, but they crave the emotional connection with a Dominant, not necessarily with a Father figure.  The boy has a strong desire to please, where the son doesn't really know what he wants, he is growing up.

I am not a Daddy, though there are many attributes to which I am similar to I am loving and caring, but  I have structure, and expect the submissive(s) in MY charge to  adhere to the strict principal of obedience, worship and submission.  

So if you are a "son" type, looking for a Daddy, I am most likely the wrong MAN for you, if you are a "boy" who needs loving, caring as well as a Superior to serve under, I am a good candidate.