A boy is a submissive who is wishing to please and take care of their MASTER because of the emotional connection.  A boy may enjoy kissing and being cuddled, while at the same moment or in a snap of a finger be "in service" sexually to his MASTER and OWNER.

A boy tends to "want" to take care of his MASTER and OWNER not only in the bedroom, but also in daily life and does so without resistance, resentment or hesitation.

​Regardless of your wiring and focus, your responsibility is to let your potential SIR or MASTER know what you are wired into.   This allows the MASTER/SIR to take and use your attributes and qualities for HIS pleasure.

There are similarities to the actions performed by a slave, but the biggest difference is the emotional connection and maybe a little closer to a "son" and "daddy" relationship, but regardless there is the emotional connection which is prevalent in their desire to make SIR happy.