Family is the centre of a real POWER EXCHANGE with SIR MASTER MARK

SIR MASTER MARK selects and chooses individuals to be in HIS BDSM family on an individual basis. they are chosen for many different reasons,

These are submissive(s) who have found themselves yearning for the structure of a SIR in their lives.  They are individually each unique, they are various in their type and style of being submissive, that includes some being  - a sub, a boy, or a classic slave. They come from all parts of society but they are seen by MASTER MARK as the same. Family members have the same purpose and focus - that is to please SIR MASTER MARK. To make the life of SIR MASTER MARK better.

There is a structure, there is a hierarchy, there is respect, there is obedience, there is purpose, there is inclusion, and there is much more....

Entering the family is neither automatic nor with entitlement.  It is at the sole discretion of SIR MASTER MARK and you must prove to HIM that you have reached a level of awareness and loyalty to be a servant, a son, a boy, or a slave.

Be aware that a POWER EXCHANGE is not about sex and kink, it is about submission

Submission comes in many styles and forms, and SIR MASTER MARK decides what HE needs. A family member yearns to please the MASTER of the house in whatever form the MASTER may seek.  SIR may decide that windows need to be washed, the baseboards need cleaning, the silver polished, SIR may need a footstool, or have HIS feet rubbed. 

SIR's lifetime partner (more Vanilla than anything) is to assisted  around the house, be serviced sexually and for him generally to be happy and content as well.  

SIR will obviously need sexual release, and an avenue for HIS BDSM, KINK and sadistic needs, but POWER EXCHANGE is about submission and surrender, everything else falls into line with that surrender.

Submission is not just because you are submissive and you are ordered, but rather because you need to please HIM, wish to please HIM, and it feels right to be controlled by the MAN you bow your head to, - your MASTER - that is a real POWER EXCHANGE.  

​Submission to be clear is not about being forced, or having the DOM's boots on your head telling you are a worthless faggot. Submission is about consensually and voluntarily agreeing to be in service, and to give your power to the MAN of the house - in this case it would be ME, - SIR MASTER MARK.

That is what it means to be in SIR's family.  it is a privilege, and it is very rewarding for not only the SIR , but all the boys and/or  slaves who form a part of that same family.