There are many levels to being a submissive, Which are you?

The purpose of this website is to offer the submissive the place to discover who they really are, and how they are wired with the intention of being potentially in the BDSM family of SIR MASTER MARK.

There are in MY opinion three types of submissives

(1) subs

(2) boys

(3) slaves

They all have similarities and are on the continuum of being submissive, but they can mean very different things for different people.

Until you are aware how you are wired, how does any Dominant or MASTER know how to successfully take you along HIS path of consensual Power Exchange?

submissives will find as they go along their submission journey that there is room for each of them along the way.  it is only a question of matching the right MASTER or SIR to you own style of submission.  This website is to give you clarity on what SIR MASTER MARK seeks, and whether it also is what you seek. No sense wasting your time or MINE if we are not in sync emotionally and physically.

​There are those that are submissive but selfish, in that they are focused in wanting their own pleasures & fantasies met. For those, I regret SIR MASTER MARK is not for them.

There are those that seek to please, and find being "in service" and "of service" the motivator and not specifically seeking their own primary sexual pleasures.  Those I am happy to say would fit with SIR MASTER MARK.

I am a MASTER who is comfortable in being the MASTER of the house, the BOSS in the office, as well as a loving MASTER who at the quiet snap of HIS finger will command service.

MY hope is to bring each submissive who is accepted by ME into a type of submission training program to understand better who they are and how they are wired.  In doing so, they will make their future Dominants and MASTER's in their lives happy.  If you are good enough, and please ME enough on enough levels,  I may bring you into MY chosen Family of slaves and boys. That Family brings long term happiness and pleasure into MY OWN life as well as theirs.

​So if you feel you are truly connected on the spiritual level of a power exchange, and not just the physical "high" and "excitement" of hooking up or as I call it... "play acting", feel fee to reach out to SIR MASTER MARK. 

An emotional POWER EXCHANGE is much deeper than getting into costume and playing, or participating in the endless revolving door, unemotional one time KINK hook ups that many find themselves trapped in. A POWER EXCHANGE in MY world is about connection, truly opening oneself up and accepting who they are and learning to surrender emotionally and not just physically.