There are various members in SIR MASTER MARK's family.  They may identify with being either a boy or a slave (or maybe even something else).  I believe it is important that each submissive choose what they relate to, rather than MY putting them into a square box of conformity. 

I list them generally here, but if you go to RECON you will find more information that they themselves have posted publicly.  They are listed under MY category of "FRIENDS".  I only include men who are in MY family as "FRIENDS", so do not ask to be added as a friend, it will be declined.  Only I initiate the "friend" category on MY profile.

There is only one exception to this rule, MY best friend in Palm Springs who is listed, is not one of the boys in service to ME, but has earned MY respect and loyalty to be listed.  I would absolutely vouch for his character to any enquiring Dom or Master.

Also it must be noted that a BDSM family like any relationship is contingent on a consensual desire to stay together.  Each of U/us are on a journey, and that journey may keep you with one MASTER or may bring you to a second MASTER during your lifetime. One must embrace this potential reality, though long term is always the goal for everyone, at least for this SIR.


boy jay

bull slave


boy paul

I love each of these boys and slaves for different reason.  They have all proved to ME that they are worthy and dedicated to the concept of POWER EXCHANGE and offer themselves consensually and willingly to ME for whatever it is I need from them.  they are allowed to be who they are wired to be and their qualities are supported within the FAMILY.

To be clear, there have been submissive(s) in the past who are no longer members of MY FAMILY, some were dismissed due to fucking up, being disloyal, lying or thinking more about themselves than SIR, there were others who left because their journey did not align with MY needs, in some cases their own husbands/partners could not handle the power dynamic I held over their spouse and they had to leave MY control and family in order to save their relationships, regardless everyone is on a journey and we must respect their personal journeys.  There is no judgement if it doesn't work, because how else do you discover and find your true place in the world.


The boys who are FAMILY MEMBERS