WHAT IS " CONSENSUAL " and what does it mean ?

I am always amazed that there is confusion about this..  so here is how I am and how I operate...

Without consent its called rape, and rape is illegal in almost every country (& should be in all).

I require CONSENT from any sub who wishes to submit.  And consent is not without boundaries.  Any boy who stupidly says "i have no limits", I have a simple answer... go away. Why?  Because if they are so stupid as to want to be bundled in chains, put in a concrete box and thrown into the ocean, I don't want them.  Its stupid. Its careless and its untrue, and they are a danger to themselves and ME.  Every sub should have boundaries and limits, because when they do, it means they have given some thought to their submission.

They can in time, with trust re-negotiate their boundaries and limits as they get to know their SIR, and their bond and love for their MASTER grows.

So what is MY process?  I have a questionnaire which every boy must fill out.  This questionnaire is not about ME, it is about them, their boundaries, their interests, their NEVER list.  That questionnaire is about 12 pages long, and it covers a lot of stuff, including items like scat, waterspouts  bondage, discipline and bareback (something which I believe every sub needs to answer truthfully).  Why?  Because it is potentially life threatening. It needs discussion and it needs agreement - from both sides.  I don't bareback with boys without a lot of consideration, as I am responsible and wish to protect everyone in MY family from outside situations, so though you may have the idea that I want to FUCK you BAREBACK on the first date... forget it, it ain't going to happen.  I don't know you, and you don't know ME, bareback is potentially something which comes with trust and trust is earned.

I use this Questionnaire to get into the head of the submissive, to find out their wiring, and then use their qualities and interests for MY own pleasure.  It is not meant to force subs to do what they don't want, but rather to let ME use each sub CONSENSUALLY for the qualities that they bring to ME.  So though the Questionnaire is extensive (and includes many things I have no interest in), it is important that each submissive truly reflect who they are, how they are wired, and to what extent they enjoy or not each activity, and what is on their NEVER list.

Many subs never get to this stage, because "they let their imagination run wild and are uninformed, because other DOMS before ME, simply ran with what they had in their groin without enquiring with the sub , and as a result ending up fucking up the boy long term and they now lack "trust" and "smarts" to chat with their prospective SIR.  So if a boy wants to run before they have a chance to understand who I am, then I cannot do anything for them.  If they however understand that SIR is sane and able to listen, and wants to hear and listen what the sub has to say... then there is a good chance there can be a good union of submission and dominance coming together.

​The questionnaire is updated from time to time, and there is always discussion and communication allowed.  And if things change, the sub has the opportunity to take something off the NEVER list, or the opportunity for re-evaluating their wiring as their journey WILL bring change from how they thought they were.  Its called growth.,

CONSENSUAL and COMMUNICATING and SHARING what makes you tick, and what your boundaries are.. is an important aspect to bending your knee to SIR MASTER MARK.

Questions? Ask. I often meet for coffee the first time (and sometimes the second time too)... I don't rush into the good stuff right away...  Know ME first....